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We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality travel experiences while safeguarding and preserving our natural environment.

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Kea Conservation Trust

Alpine Luxury Tours are proud to be a Greenstone Kea Sponsor and support the Kea Conservation Trust which aims to assist in conservation of wild Kea in their natural habitat through;

• establishing positive working relationships with associated conservation groups/individuals;
• raising of funds to allow research on Kea issues;
• provision of an easily accessible information resource on Kea.

Named by Māori for the sound of its call, the kea (Nestor notabilis) is endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand and is the world’s only mountain parrot. These sociable and highly intelligent birds are well adapted to their harsh environment. Unfortunately, the traits that kea developed for survival, their curiosity and omnivorous appetite, have created conflict with humans over the last 150 years. Persecution and predation have sorely depleted numbers and, with only a few thousand birds remaining, the kea is a Nationally Endangered species.

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Predator Free Arrowtown

Alpine Luxury Tours are delighted to have donated a trap to help Predator Fee Arrowtown in their mission to control pests and predators within the Arrowtown area. Predator Free Arrowtown was formed in early 2017 to help control pests and predators around Arrowtown and the wider area.

This group is concerned primarily with reducing the numbers of mustelids, rodents, and possums in the Bush Creek catchment area. This area contains some of the best preserved ecological values in the basin, and is home to multiple different native species, including rifleman, bellbirds, and brown creepers. To learn more or donate a trap to the Predator Free Arrowtown, click here

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