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We have you covered when it comes to New Zealand’s South Island.

It’s not easy being a travel consultant these days, is it? Your clients expect you to provide value and insight beyond what they can discover online themselves and your luxury clients demand one-of-a-kind experiences that require local knowledge and contacts that usually takes years to acquire. On top of that, you’re expected to be an expert on every conceivable destination on the planet. So while we may not be able to help you plan that Caribbean honeymoon… New Zealand? No worries.

Feel confident planning a trip to New Zealand for your outdoorsy clients.

Whether you’re looking for that extra special day tour for clients who enjoy the outdoors or searching for a versatile private guide to personally accompany your clients on a once in a lifetime New Zealand holiday, you’re in the right place.

Or, if you’re simply hoping for some guidance on a New Zealand itinerary, we’re happy to share our local knowledge, experience and extensive contacts to make sure you’re creating a trip of a lifetime for your clients. Contact us any time and we’ll get back to you promptly with ways to cut down travel time, suggestions for interesting excursions off the beaten track and troubleshooting.