Heli Beekeeping Experience (exclusive access)

Alpine Luxury Tours   DURATION: 4 hours (approx.)

Alpine Luxury Tours   TIME: On request

Alpine Luxury Tours   INCLUDES: Accommodation transfers, private helicopter, private beekeeper, make your own beeswax candles and honey soap, spin and bottle your own honey

Alpine Luxury Tours   AVAILABLE: September to March (depending on weather and temperature)


Your experience begins with a luxury transfer to your private helicopter before we depart from Queenstown, flying high above the sparkling waters of Lake Wakatipu to Mt Nicholas Station.

You will be accompanied by an experienced local beekeeper who will help unlock the secrets of these incredible insects. They will share some insight into what’s in store before you land amongst the stunning scenery of this remote station near an established apiary of around 30 mature beehives. 

After climbing into your bee suit and donning protective gloves, you will begin your journey into the life of a busy beekeeper; investigating the inner workings of a bustling hive and understanding how these amazing insects work as a harmonious colony – as well as how they transform nectar from local flowers into delicious honey.

If you wish, you can hold a frame containing hundreds of bees, seeing the physical differences between males (drones), females (workers) and queens up close. But regardless, you will of course taste fresh honey taken straight from these remote alpine hives.

Following your visit to the hives, you will return to your helicopter for a short flight back to Queenstown to complete the second half of your journey at Buzzstop. Here, you will learn how honey gets from the hive into the jar; getting hands-on with frames, filters and decanters to fill your very own jars of honey, custom-labelled as a memento of your experience.

Having seen the entire process from hive to factory, you will no doubt be an authority on bees and honey when you return home. Our guides love being able to customise these experiences, and following yours we will transport you back to your accomodation or to your next adventure – the choice is yours.

Luxury Queenstown Transfers

Our private, luxury fleet is available during your stay. We can assist with:
• Airport Transfers
• Transfers to your Accommodation
• Transport for Dinner Reservations and Appointments
• Golf or Activity Transfers
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TOUR: Heli Beekeeping Experience (exclusive access)